COVID-19 & Clinic Health Policies

As a clinic it is always our goal to create a space that is welcoming and safe for all patients, and that includes using health and cleaning practices set out by our regulatory bodies and PHO (Provincial Health Officer). Whether it’s COVID, colds and flus, or whatever else is going around, we want to keep you and us safe.


  • All patients will be required to do a pre-screening. This will happen when you initially book your appointment, 48 hours prior to (there is a link embedded in your reminder email or text to do this electronically) and at the beginning of your appointment. Should you fail the screening test, your appointment will be cancelled (at no charge to you), and we will work with you find a new appointment for when you feel better.
  • If you feel sick or under the weather, even if you test negative for COVID, please STAY HOME! But call us and let us know – if you forget and do not show up, all the regular No Show fees will apply.
  • If you do receive a positive test for COVID within 14 days of being in the clinic – please contact us immediately, so that we can protect the health of other patients and our own families.

At Your Appointment

  • At the time of your appointment, please wait in your vehicle until your appointment time.
  • You will be required to wash or sanitize your hands upon entering. You may do so in the washroom, or by using the hand sanitizer provided at the front desk.
  • There will also be disposable masks provided, should you wish to wear one or have forgotten yours at home. If you do suffer from seasonal allergies, we will ask that you wear a mask at this time (cloth masks are fine). Informational posters are posted to assist you in safe application and removal of your mask.
  • Please remember to practice social distancing within the general clinic and outside of the treatment room.
  • A bin will be provided in the treatment room to store all of your personal affects and clothing (shoes can stay on the floor), so please limit the number of items you bring on your person if possible.
  • There will be hand sanitizer available to you if needed. I will also have personal facial tissue packets on hand should you require them.
  • At the end of your appointment you may proceed to the front desk to book future appointments and pay for your session(debit or credit preferred). At this time, we will be issuing electronic receipts where possible. We ask that you exit the clinic as soon as possible to allow other patients into the clinic.

Ways We Are Protecting You

  • All high-touch areas will be cleaned regularly throughout the day, including the reception area and washroom.
  • After each treatment, my treatment room and its contents will be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.
  • I have switched to electronic charting to help with the ease of disinfection within the clinic.
  • As before, all table linens will be single use and sanitized after treatment.
  • For the duration of your treatment I will be wearing a disposable medical mask, and a face shield is available for me to wear by request.
  • If you are uncomfortable with my presentation in scrubs, due to trauma or other medical reasons, please contact me ahead of time so that I may do my best to care for you during this time.
  • As done previously, I will be following all proper hand hygiene protocols, by washing my hands before and after your treatment, with additional hand sanitization upon entering the treatment room and throughout the treatment session as needed. Although gloves are not required with proper hand hygiene protocols, they are available if requested.
  • Dr. Sean, Rachel (reception) and I, are performing regular self-assessments to screen for COVID-19 via the BC Self- Assessment tool or using the BC COVID-19 app when directed by PHO, and are generally always monitoring our health status prior to coming to the clinic.
  • Should we or a patient require self-isolation due to COVID-19, all patients who are affected by the incidence will be contacted immediately.

For Patients Working in High Risk Professions

If you are currently working within a hospital/medical setting, transportation (out of BC), or other professions that increase your personal risk of COVID-19 or Cold and Flu; during times of high infection rates (COVID, cold or flu) you will be asked to wear a mask (disposables provided or your own cloth mask) while in the clinic. I understand that this is not ideal while receiving treatment, as masks can be hot and stuffy, however it is a safety measure that is necessary. We will work together during your treatment to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and adjust as needed. Thank you for understanding.

 Other Things to Note and Reminders

It is also important to clarify, that although we as a clinic are doing what we can to minimize the risk of COVID-19, and cold or flu transmission within the clinic, we can not eliminate that risk. I understand that for some of you, your own health or that of those within your home may be comprised, and that receiving care brings added risks. You as the patient, must decide whether the benefits of treatment outweigh those risks. If you have questions or concerns, please email me; I am happy to discuss things further with you, so that you may make an informed decision. Any patients wanting to receive treatment, will be required to sign an agreement, acknowledging their understanding of those risks.

And try not to touch your face! Easier said than done, I know. But this is an important step in protecting yourself from contracting anything from COVID-19 to the seasonal cold and flu.